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In partnership with Payroll Vault, an Irwindale Chamber member, we provide the California and Federal Employment Poster. ALL employers, regardless of size, MUST post a current employment poster in a conspicuous place in the workplace where all employees and applicants can see it. You may need to order several to ensure that your business, branches, and satellite offices are displaying the most up-to-date poster according to the law.

State and Federal law is very strict with regard to posting the current and most up-to-date Labor Law Posters and required notices. Failure to post only one mandatory notice puts your business at risk for fines and penalties. That’s why purchasing an insurance update service like the 1 Year E-Update Service keeps you safe and compliant all year long!

The 2017 All-In-One Labor Law Poster, with the 1 Year E-Update Service, is produced by, your source for ensuring top-quality human resource and legal compliance products and services. For continued compliance and peace of mind, this offer
includes the $25,000 guarantee.*

Only $27.99 - special price for Chamber members.

​In partnership with the CalChamber, the Irwindale Chamber provides the following HR compliance products for sale.  The highlighted products include the HR Handbook for California Employers, the California Labor Law Digest, and the Required Pamphlets Kit. 

California Labor Law Digest 

California Labor Law Digest
As the only book of its kind serving California business, this up-to-date, comprehensive digest details California labor and employment law. It reflects new content for 2016 to make your job easier, with new laws highlighted to catch your eye. It provides instructions on how to apply existing laws and manage everyday HR issues, such as performing job evaluations, implementing a policy to prevent workplace violence, and handling accessibility inspections. It also explains federal employment laws, regulations and court cases.
As always, California Labor Law Digest provides legal background information, including legislation, court cases and regulatory requirements in plain language—organized to make complex laws understandable. Plus, it provides access to more than 300 downloadable forms and checklists.

Required Pamphlets Kit

​Required Pamphlets Kit  
State and federal regulatory agencies require that you provide each of your employees with these pamphlets:
Sexual Harassment
Workers' Compensation Rights & Benefits
State Disability Insurance
Paid Family Leave
Unemployment Insurance

This kit contains 20 copies of each of the five pamphlets that must be distributed to employees—available in both English and Spanish.​  
When distributing these pamphlets, you’ll want to make sure you have the updated versions for 2016.
Remember, not informing employees of their rights in the workplace can result in lawsuits and fines.

Compliance Alert: 2016 kit includes mandatory updates to the Unemployment Insurance, State Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave pamphlets.

The required pamphlets in our compliance kit include 20 each of the following:
Sexual Harassment Pamphlet
Must distribute to all new hires (recommended for all employees annually and independent contractors)
Employers must inform employees at the time of hire of their right to a harassment-free workplace, and provide a harassment complaint procedure. Distributing these sexual harassment pamphlets could protect you from a devastating lawsuit.
Workers' Compensation Rights & Benefits Pamphlet
Must distribute to all new hires
Employers are required to give a Workers' Compensation pamphlet to all new employees. It should be readily available without them asking you or another supervisor for the pamphlet.
State Disability Insurance Pamphlet
Must distribute to all new hires and again to any employee taking a leave of absence for a covered reason
The State Disability Insurance (SDI) pamphlet notifies employees of their right to disability insurance benefits should they sustain a non-work-related injury. Including these disability insurance pamphlets in your orientation kits and making sure one is available to every employee taking a leave for a covered reason fulfill an important legal obligation.
Paid Family Leave Pamphlet
Must distribute to all new hires and any employee taking a leave of absence for a covered reason
Information in the Paid Family Leave (PFL) pamphlet is required by state law and must be provided to all new employees AND employees taking a leave of absence for a reason that may entitle them to PFL wage replacement benefits, such as caring for a seriously ill family member or to bond with a new child.
Unemployment Insurance Pamphlet
Must distribute to any employee who is terminated, laid off or takes a leave of absence
The Unemployment Insurance (UI) pamphlet notifies employees of their right to unemployment insurance benefits when they are terminated, laid off, or granted a leave of absence. You are required to provide this unemployment information to any employee in any of these instances.

HR Quick Guide for California Employers

HR Quick Guide for California Employers  simplifies and explains California and federal employment laws in easily understood terms. The Q&A format guides you through the basics, like wage and hour requirements. It also provides tips, flags key information and points out problem areas.
Each year, the guide highlights new laws and regulations that affect employer policies, such as administering leaves of absence. From hiring employees to ending the employment relationship,HR Quick Guide for California Employers is a hands-down favorite among CalChamber's HR compliance products. We’ve condensed the answers you need to know into this compact book, providing:
Reliable HR information for California employersUnderstandable termsActionable stepsDownloadable forms
It’s a convenient reference for anyone who handles HR. 300+ pages.